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Buying property in the UT Campus Area

How it Works

The first step is to contact us to discuss anything and everything involved in purchasing a property for sale in the UT Campus area. An experienced and licensed Realtor® can answer your questions and walk you through the buying process. We make it as simple as possible to search, compare, evaluate and purchase a condo, duplex, townhouse or house in the UT Campus area. We can help you with your own online search through our real-time website and answer questions or we can do it for you after you provide us with your criteria. Feel free to call us anytime just for information. We can assure you, you won’t get a “sales pitch” from our agents, rather a consultation and discussion by a knowledgeable Realtor® ready to help you.

Buyer Representation: Why Choose Us?

When deciding on a Realtor® to represent you, it is always important to do your research and select an agency that has a good reputation, is knowledgeable about the market you are considering purchasing in and most of all, has the interest of their buyers as their top priority at all times. At 24th Street Realty we hold our Realtors® to a high standard which meet and exceed all of these attributes. We have a credible agency that specializes specifically in this area with a knowledge of the UT Campus market that is unparalleled. We are constantly striving to always show integrity in our work and to put our clients first. In addition to looking for properties on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), our agency works with private listings also know as “pocket listings” shared between local brokers. We put our clients in a position to purchase prime listings before they even hit the market. This puts you, as a buyer, at a huge advantage by having access to inventory that others don’t. If you are interested in a particular complex without a unit on the market for sale, we have the connections and ability to find one. It you want to buy a condo or house in West Campus, North Campus, or Hyde Park, work with a brokerage that knows the market inside and out.

Comparable Market Analysis (CMA): What’s a property worth?

A comparable market analysis is essential when considering purchasing a property in an area market, but it is extremely important when purchasing a condo, duplex or house in West Campus and North Campus. Running comps, calculating price per square foot for a purchase and negotiating is crucial to make sure our clients are buying for the absolute best price possible. In addition to simply seeing what other units in a complex or houses on a street have sold for, which most agents can do, our Realtors® take the next steps by explaining to our clients the market trends and projections for the neighborhood that they are interested in. Because we work almost exclusively in this niche market, we can offer our knowledge and insight to insure that you are making the right decision.

Investment(s) Consultation

If you are looking for an investment property to rent, you have come to the right place. There is no denying that Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Rental prices are continuing to increase and the campus market has always been a prime area to invest in with the constant demand of off-campus housing for students, as well as those just looking to live in Central Austin. Our agents are experts in calculating projected rent rolls, explaining operating costs and most importantly, figuring how much net income owning a property in the West Campus and North Campus area can generate. Please contact us today to set up an investment consultation in person or over the phone with one of our experienced Realtors®.

Calculating Cap Rate

Calculating Cap Rate is used by many investors to determine the return on their investment. It is a simple, but effective formula that is used when considering purchasing a property. Basically, you figure your Net Operating Income – all Operating Expenses / by your original investment or purchase price. This will show you your annual return on your investment. All of these figures can be determined and explained to you by one of our Realtors®, which we go over with our clients looking to invest in the area. Please feel free to use our calculator below to see what your return is.

Property Management

24th Street Realty works directly with our sister-company, Lee Properties, to handle all of the property management. Lee Properties has been around for 30+ years and have a proven track record of professionally managing a diverse portfolio which consist of a large number of student properties. After purchasing with 24th Street Realty, we can offer a full-service brokerage by listing your property for lease, qualifying prospective tenants, drafting and signing leases and working with Lee Properties to then manage the property. For more information, please contact 24th Street Realty and we will be happy to explain how we can manage your condo, duplex or house in West Campus and North Campus.

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